Celebration! October 30 opening! San-in Kinki Expressway Kyotango Omiya Interchange


Under Kyotango-shi oldness and support donation full return favor product, popular acceptance Kyotango-shi emigration support (whether do you not make Kyotango living?) To no page Kyoto (external link) of the sea 



  • What's New
  • Attention information
  • Event, lecture
  • Offer information
  • "Living" Snuggle support center of to "work"
  • Kyotango-shi Council of Social Welfare action for marriage support center "encounter Kyotango"
  • It is village of maple Hiji Kyoto sputum peony
  • Kyotango-shi industry personnel training university
  • Kyotango-shi founding support window
  • Renewable energy
  • Kyotango-shi Eco energy center
  • Food education of Kyotango-shi
  • San-in Coast Geopark
  • Kyotango Film Commission
  • NHK TV saga invitation promotion meeting "will invite NHK TV saga!"
  • 100 years old banzai! Promotion municipalities communication meeting
  • Town development municipality meeting of silk
  • Town meeting of the sandy beach shore rich Japan's most beautifully
  • Municipality meeting made with society without suicide
  • Kyotango-shi International Association
  • Town development Committee of Kyotango culture
  • Tango manufacturing company navigator
  • Tokyo Tango person society
  • Tokyo Tango person society young person society
  • NPO corporation strains itself! Oldness and Tangocho
  • Kumihama whole produce meeting
  • Moon field

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