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September 29

[September 29, 2016 announcement] We published regular news conference document

September 29

Guidance of "we talk, and open space is special Mt. peak libraries in autumn"

September 29

Information (September 27, 2016 outbreak) about suspicious individual

September 28

We placed holding information of the council (council for 2016 first Kyotango-shi comprehensive plan)

September 27

[open call for participants start] About conduct of open call for participants type proposal to affect scoreboard repair maintenance business of Mt. peak Stadium (nickname: Kyotango dream baseball stadium)

September 26

Food poisoning warning was announced (from September 26, 2016 to September 29)

September 26

We will tell about emergency medical treatment on-duty doctor on holiday of October

September 26

About repair construction of "village of Asamogawa, Kyotango-shi hot spring stillness" (until from September 26 to October 31)

September 23

We issued "public information today sputum October issue" (151)

September 23

We issued "it is sputum news edition today" (September 23, 2016 issue)

September 23

Library of net "hold "reading from ear" of the 14th adult [Sunday, October 16 holding]

September 23

We hold (a certain grain) which is sputum walk love today

September 23

Gender equality seminar recruits participants of "aroma workshop & child cooking class of mother"!

September 22

Recruitment of "visit to Kyotango-shi challenge type company seminar first scheme machine, metal associated ... Kyoto Institute of Technology tour ..." participants

List of What's NewRSS

  • "Living" Snuggle support center of to "work"
  • Kyotango-shi Council of Social Welfare action for marriage support center "encounter Kyotango"
  • It is village of maple Hiji Kyoto sputum peony
  • Kyotango-shi industry personnel training university
  • Kyotango-shi founding support window
  • Renewable energy
  • Kyotango-shi Eco energy center
  • Food education of Kyotango-shi
  • San-in Coast Geopark
  • Kyotango Film Commission
  • NHK TV saga invitation promotion meeting "will invite NHK TV saga!"
  • 100 years old banzai! Promotion municipalities communication meeting
  • Town development municipality meeting of silk
  • Town meeting of the sandy beach shore rich Japan's most beautifully
  • Municipality meeting made with society without suicide
  • Kyotango-shi International Association
  • Town development Committee of Kyotango culture
  • T-WAVE
  • Tango manufacturing company navigator
  • Tokyo Tango person society
  • Tokyo Tango person society young person society
  • NPO corporation strains itself! Oldness and Tangocho
  • Kumihama whole produce meeting
  • Moon field
October 30 opening decision San-in Kinki Expressway Kyotango Omiya IC
It is trace until opening nichi

Page that is seen well

We send the latest information of Kyotango-shi formula facebook Kyotango-shi!(we link to outside site)

We send with Kyotango-shi formula video "YouTube" machinowadaio video!(we link to outside site)

Oldness and Kyotango

  • We introduce town development example of civic collaboration
  • We introduce town development of residents' association (wards)
  • Kyotango oldness and cheering party
  • shinkishunosodammadokuchi
  • Stay type allotment Kamai, Kyotango-shi seaside Kleine gal ten

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